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Artwork – Work and Business on 1800s

Men Must Work and Women Must Weep James Webb (1835–1895) New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, Leicester Arts and Museums Service Market Square with Beasts, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk British (English) School St Edmundsbury Museums The Buttermarket, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk Rose Mead (1867–1946) St Edmundsbury Museums Samuel Crompton Inventing the Spinning Mule Alfred Walter [...]

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Fashion & Costumes – Artwork

Quay Fair John Grenfell Moyle (c.1817–1893)                                                                                                  Penlee [...]

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Fashion & Costume – Throughout ages since 1500s

Syrian Chief Nicaise de Keyser (1813–1887) Lewes Town Hall Archdeacon George Hodges Rose Mead (1867–1946) St Edmundsbury Museums The Milk Seller Cornelis Dusart (1660–1704) The Barber Institute of Fine Arts Girl Shelling Peas Albert Chevallier Tayler (1862–1925) Penlee House Gallery & Museum Margaret Frissell Tellet (wife of John Quayle) Henry Barber of Derby Manx Museum [...]

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How to ensure the child’s health, weight is in control

As your child gets older, with a steady increase in the risk to their health. If you are accustomed to nutritious foods from their youth, but as they get older is to create their own wish list. As a result, the weight of their abnormally increased. This is because the risk of overdose because of [...]

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Things Parents Should do – For Child’s Mental Growth

With the birth of a baby is born the mother. As the child begins to develop a good try. New parents may not understand how much time the child will develop as well. Certain rules can not be done. Because the path is constantly confronted with a new situation. Some rules, however, your child will [...]

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4 Foods to build attractive muscle

If you want to build muscle, then it's fine to be a focus on exercise. Only through a well-organized exercise, you cannot build muscle! You must develop the proper diet. If you eat and exercise routine every day that you eat of it immediately took the role to build your muscles. Build muscle and reduce [...]

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