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If you want to buy before you go to buy the features and specifications of the iPhone model that some ideas go then. The seller will ask questions first if you have activated the SIM net. If you do not fill in your SIM began.

1. iCloud Account Delete: The iPhone is locked iCloud in hand with the watch before. Address: [settings> iCloud> If you see an e-mail address here, set to be locked. Therefore, to understand the iPhone in front of you before you tell the seller to delete this. Delete all the options. If you delete it, without any reason to tell the seller you forget or phone if understand why these phones are waiting for you a lot of suffering.

2. Erase all content & Settings: Before you buy if it is the best of all. Address: Settings> General> at the bottom of the Reset> Erase all content & Settings.

3. Turn Find My iPhone off: at the top of the O’Connor if it will be off automatically. I do not have to separate off. This app is tracking the phone. So, if stolen, and if it’s on, you can find.

4. HDD Capacity: before buying the iPhone will check the storage vendor Giga as saying that if there are more GB. Can be seen in Settings> General> About, and addresses.

5. Exterior including Screws + SIM tray + Turbo Unlock: iPhone external insulation or better see if there are any major scratch or stain. In particular, check to see that the screw is open. If the stain remains open head. The SIM tray out of good will on the tray if there is no short circuit fitted. If you understand gebhe to unlock it. Is factory unlocked. Unlocked iPhone low price. Your SIM card will not work because many numbers, such as mobile phone will not be able to check the balance, the big problem is that the factory one morning the phone was locked. This problem is more to the phone after the OS update. Turbo this is the problem. Generally, however, the vendor will tell you that the phone is unlocked Turbo.

6. iTunes Log on with your own ID: if you own Apple ID, then the seller will log in with it before. If you need to see an app down. (Battery Doctor is a free App is called. That can bring. It can be taken with the iPhone’s battery to 14 groups. Full iPhone backup batteries charged, how much time will take and how much time is available, it can be known through this app.

7. Data Syncing & charging at the same time: it is better to go with a laptop, but. This functionality can be seen by checking the sink at the same time that the iPhone is no longer being charged. And if you do not prepare can take charge at least through the power adapter to see whether the phone is properly charged.

8. Make a call: trying to buy the iPhone from the phone and talk to anyone. See if it works properly, the microphone and the sound output.

9. Send a text: Send SMS.

10. Headphone Jack: Ear Earphones set to music, look at the phone jack is OK.

11. Audio / Video: Check out audio-video playback.

1. Still Picture / Movie Recording: Take pictures and videos with the camera still and see if everything works.

13. Voice Memo Recording: See if you can record your voice. IPhone has a built-in apps for it. The name of the Voice Memo.

14. Please check with the phone’s IMEI number of the phone. http://www.iphoneox.com this visit web site. The IMEI number of the phone that you want to buy more with the information in the image below. Read the information carefully and you will see that the words of the seller to see if they match. That day will see the date when the phone was purchased. IMEI number can be found in Settings> General> About> at the bottom of the IMEI number. IMEI number to the SIM tray also check to see whether it matches. Because the iPhone IMEI number is embossed on the SIM tray. The next set of all models will follow. Otherwise, if you do not think the game was stolen third party.

15: Charging with wall charger: Wall charger is charged with the check. iPhone is not charging a lot of output, but the Wall. As vice versa.

Another important thing, the last time the battery charge current, charge time, and overall proportion see if everything is OK. For example, the use of battery standby time of over 30 minutes, while showing less than 1 hour, then it means battery life is not very long. Address Settings -> General -> Usage.

16. Check whether the latest OS has been updated. When the thief stolen a lot of time to give the latest update afraid of / can not.

17. With his finger on the touch screen display to see whether the eggs.

18. Wi-Fi Bluetooth: whether these two features will work. Wi-Fi is not around, but the problem is if you just see these two on. Because iOS update to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the features of the iPhone had been damaged. For this reason and many others could sell its iPhone. The seller is comfortable for the iPhone, most people do not see the shore checking these two features. If you do not make this mistake.

19. There are two varieties of the iPhone. GSM and CDMA. Aamara the CDMA preferred. There are other varieties, Chinese iPhone. It only made sense if Apple for sale separately. Do not buy this one too.

20. Power button and see if it works exactly like. The power button turns the crank to use a lot of extra time or the response is delayed.

21. There are buttons next to the iPhone, they will like to check out the work as if all OK. Especially Silent button.

Twenty. You can check dead pixel in the hands of iPhone  http://iphonedpt.awardspace.com/ iPhone, then check this site you will see a black dot shows whether strine. It’s so important to do something. IPhone cases are very rare, because the Dead or staka (stuck) pixels.
Another day, I am always discouraged jailbroken buy the phone. It’ll take a lot of problems for another day jailbroken tuned separately.

Understand how the iPhone jailbroken

1. Try search iPhone “cydia”, “Absinthe”, “winterboard” or “installous” inasatala whether it is in the name of APP. If you think the iPhone jelabreka. Do not buy. Or to buy, the price will be lower.