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Just change the birth mother’s body? But that idea. Many of the changes that may come in the body of the father can not even imagine. Interestingly, in order to look after children between the people all of a sudden, there were some changes in the brain.

Mom and Dad both came within a few changes. The brain and behavior are affected. Take a look at what fatherhood changes a man.

Much of the father’s brain become like mother’s brain

Now the question is how can the mother’s brain? To look after the child’s brain is changed. A study of 89 pairs of new parents is to collect data on the brain. All of them appeared to be some changes regarding social emotions and minds.

Especially the parents of the child and the mother’s brain more care of their brain showed the same activity.
Hormonal change is seen in the midst of his father

Pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, due to the changes in her body coming just is not normal, but very useful. But why is the body’s hormonal changes coming? Mother is not pregnant anymore! But the only other animal species but his father comes in the midst of some hormonal changes in the body.

While the human body  be reduced to increase the amount of some of the animals can be seen.

The amount of the child’s friendship with the father stretched

Spending more time with the child’s body as increased substantially, as the reverse is true. That’s the amount of hormones in the body stretched it increases the amount of his love for his child. However, this does not mean that the amount of hormones in the body, will increase the force. There are also some reaction on the body, it is not all positive.

The new neurons in the brain

The formation of new neurons in the brain that affect the child’s father. As a result, the child’s life comes to a new level, these neurons are made applicable to him.

If the child’s parents to voice

Is the cry of the mothers have the ability to quickly recognize the fact, but a father can do so. Like the mother of his child, they may recognize the voice of the others separately.