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Thirty century, the situation is worse. Earth’s atmosphere became so polluted that the days of the Earth is uninhabitable. At that time, people did not sense of well-being of the people will have to settle. But it at all possible during this time he sits significant discovery proves that humans biologist Rolex a lung operation if the man died from the complications can be released. Even where there is no oxygen, people will be able to survive. Half the people live in. Different people on the planet in the solar system and then spread a few days after the end of the world was strange for some reason.

Year 4009
Captain Kirina Luke’s worried looks in the face in front of the screen. He is always strong feelings. It looks like something is going to happen to her. He can anticipate. He tested all spaceships awakened from sleep. But did no wrong. When he was annoyed when some of the younger children were sitting there entered. Although their trip around the rough music is not supposed to be here. Captain Luke Kirana not say anything but bored. I think if you do not destroy the earth green, the children have played these green fields. Measures are being taken away from their safe place.
After a while the children’s mother arrived.
I’m very sorry, Captain. The children came here by mistake. pardon me.
What you gave birth to them?
Woman was surprised.
No, sir. They made lyabatarite. You may not know the mother’s womb to give birth has been banned by law.
Captain Kirina Luke leave sigh. Said,
-I know. I voted for the terms.
Thank you.
She took the children and left. Lukao too late to go to your destination, so the captain returned to his room. On another occasion, been able to sleep.
Captain Luke slept for half an hour after the loud siren rang and after a while it crashed spaceships on the planet. Over 250 of the accident fallen. Surprisingly, only children survived.
The current (more than a hundred centuries later)
On the events that took place before the spaceship crashed here a few moments ago was that diverse organisms. Will be five to six feet tall. They have two types. A kind of long hair, hair  different physical makeup. Director General of the Academy of Sciences of the planet very seriously the matter not come near the place that made him.
Nirida is looking out of the window of his office. It has beautiful pink sun. I do not want her to work on such a mind. Still is. Many of his duties. Everything on this planet to its word. However, today he is very worried. The animals were really surprised him. Zinnia, although not as much as. He looks at the clock. Fifty-five or six o’clock in the evening. He called seven meetings. And from there went to the room.
Nirida penetrate the hallways stopped humming. Sonorous voice, he began to speak.
That’s why I called you here surely knows you believe in progress.
He looked at everyone. Everyone shook his head yes index. Then he began to speak again.
-Our Science has come a long way today. Hence, I am grateful to you. Last year, scientists confirmed that the animals had outside our planet. We do not yet know what kind of animals he. Today she has a chance. I think we are better than them as Zinnia. We do not want them to be hurt. They come to us because we are now prisoners do not know nothing about them. So I say to everyone that they should have no damage. They did not hurt us to know their identity, where they came from.
Scientists tapped the table was laughing.
Fantastic. His Majesty said the Nirida ridiculous. I could not help laughing.
Seated other scientists were not surprised. Scientists said they do not respect. But he did not bring a lot of talent there is still no charges against him. That all may be well thought of.
Scientists do not showed no reaction. Just saying,
Why Your Excellency saying.
-You Say that does not harm them … how? I think that animals should be cut into. Then we will know everything.
Nirida be shocked. He said,
I do not agree with you, Your Excellency. Moreover, wild animals, I did not feel.
Your mind does not matter because it is not to be.
What you want to say?
-You Are a moron. And those who fool around.
Nirida final amount was angry.
-You Were expelled for life from now academies of science.
I do not ruin your science council.
Scientists exit from the room. Seven of the eight scientists behind her was out of the room.
In 4009 spaceships that crashed on the planet today are descendants of the children of the survivors Zinnia. According to the lungs of the children were discovered Rolex operation. But which was on the toxic gas. As a result of their different distortion occurs. The body color is red, the color of blood is dark brown. It is two to three feet taller.
Unfortunately, once again, she would have a hundred centuries, a human spaceship crashed. Not only to save the lives of people in both groups developed. This on a bloody war. Scientists welfare of the people were released and managed to escape.