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Foods which are more effective than Viagra

Healthy body, beautiful heart, 'and it is everyone's desire. Life retain colorful youth.  Who does not want to spend the day. To meet the desire to eat regular nutritious foods there is no alternative. Not only that, many people took the help of Viagra to spur sex life. Lifestyle and food habits is due to [...]

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5 outstanding benefits of Cauliflower

Cauliflower in a healthy family, the amount of water is 85%, and very small amounts of carbohydrates, fat and protein. But it is important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other benefit of it. This is a very low amount of calories. This versatile vegetable completed quality raw, cooked or can be eaten without cooking. Let's assume [...]

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Foods which are dangerous for children

The need for a child to grow healthy food for proper nutrition. Strategy for growth and proper development of the baby while feeding for the child should be of some aspects. Many relatives and well-wishers in a lot of kind of food you want to eat all the children want to or may not be [...]

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4 Foods to build attractive muscle

If you want to build muscle, then it's fine to be a focus on exercise. Only through a well-organized exercise, you cannot build muscle! You must develop the proper diet. If you eat and exercise routine every day that you eat of it immediately took the role to build your muscles. Build muscle and reduce [...]

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Cancer conduce meals

Currently, cancer is a terrible disease. Cancer is caused by uncontrolled cell division in the body. Deadly disease of cancer early can not be easily determined. For that reason, the more there is to do. Various types of human cancer. However, it is still not sure exactly what caused cancer, but studies have shown that [...]

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Why is it not okay to eat after tea or coffee?

Usually we eat breakfast or lunch immediately after tea / coffee drink. It is our daily practice. For tea, there are many benefits to drinking coffee. But this practice is basically healthier. I.e., do not drink tea at the right time or the means to suffer the consequences of their side effect or. If you'd [...]

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The benefits of eating yogurt

Talk to a doctor or nutritionist is always advised to eat yogurt. In other countries, such as India, after the meal always eat yogurt. A yogurt and lactic fermented foods. Yogurt is a highly nutritious and healthy food, because it's useful to have vitamins, minerals, protein, etc. Eat nutritious food like milk and milk it. [...]

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An apple a day – live disease free life

There is a proverb in English from the 19th century, "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away". Highlighting the importance of eating apples every day, you know? Other fruit, why not? Why banana, orange, mango, guava, or not? Because all of the nutrients in apple together, but together, as a result, which is the [...]

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How much & to what extent you should Eat vegetables & Fruits everyday?

We are nowadays rice or sugar foods, fast food, eat more sweet foods. Greens, vegetables, fruit, or just like the look of them do not eat | Many of the distant day of the week, do not eat fruit or vegetables a day | Many of us are eating habits – eating too much sugar and meat. But it is the ultimate unhealthy habits | Nutritionist says: “It is not a vegetable with rice, vegetables with rice to eat” | They also said that: every morning to drink fruit or vegetable food. So in this post I give them to eat vegetables and fruits every day and how much. Eat vegetables and fruits every day, how many times? Many people think that eating vegetables or fruits that you measure that? So there is no harm at all to eat fewer calories than the quantity | But little by little, playing all the food satisfy the nutritional needs of the body, remain under the control weight, the body will be free from disease. […]

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My Plate – A healthy eating Routine

Dear reader, greetings and best wishes for you in this post come with a rule on the amount of food intake. We do not know many of the foods on our plates, such as vegetables, fruits, sugar, meat, milk, eat the food, the amount. Before the food pyramid would follow the meal, such as: eat [...]

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