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Breast Caner – How much do you really know about?

In the 1970s, only 10 percent of women survived five years after a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. Today, because of research and the discovery of new treatments, this has increased to as much as 40 percent. Metastatic breast cancer is not a death sentence. The survival rate varies from person to person but some [...]

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For men – Stay attractive after 40

How beautiful the older women is less than that of the negotiations. It is very important all over the world. What if men do? Body fat is usually after forty men, hair loss is the head of to get rid of these men can do? According to experts, the giver's youth are some of the [...]

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For men – 6 health benefits of growing beard

Nowadays many fashion keeps the beard. LUKE come face to fit your own style and fashionable idea better than all of beard. But you know what, keep the beard, it is not only associated with the fashion world with your health. Much better for the health of the men kept a beard. Want to know [...]

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Foods which are more effective than Viagra

Healthy body, beautiful heart, 'and it is everyone's desire. Life retain colorful youth.  Who does not want to spend the day. To meet the desire to eat regular nutritious foods there is no alternative. Not only that, many people took the help of Viagra to spur sex life. Lifestyle and food habits is due to [...]

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5 outstanding benefits of Cauliflower

Cauliflower in a healthy family, the amount of water is 85%, and very small amounts of carbohydrates, fat and protein. But it is important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other benefit of it. This is a very low amount of calories. This versatile vegetable completed quality raw, cooked or can be eaten without cooking. Let's assume [...]

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How to protect children from the deadly disease of cancer

Earth children who suffer from cancer, is responsible for their way of life . For example, parental occupation, the history of breeding, parental smoking, the mother's diet during pregnancy, diet and way of life of the child. But the children's cancer, the disease can be prevented easily change something in common. According to doctors in [...]

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Breastfeeding the child? Important food tips for you

For women that motherhood is a big physical and emotional stress. Just say disturbing to say the least. After 9 months of pregnancy when it comes to children on earth, can not recover from the shock of giving birth to infants who come to rise over ranching. In all, the mother was physically very upset. [...]

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5 things must be done to protect the health of new mothers

Being a mother is a very lucky thing for women. Every woman in this dream. Therefore, during pregnancy, it is a far more valuable to them. It is not only for women in pregnancy is so important for everyone around him. Proper nutrition and proper manner and whether all the functions and responsibilities to keep [...]

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How to ensure the child’s health, weight is in control

As your child gets older, with a steady increase in the risk to their health. If you are accustomed to nutritious foods from their youth, but as they get older is to create their own wish list. As a result, the weight of their abnormally increased. This is because the risk of overdose because of [...]

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Things Parents Should do – For Child’s Mental Growth

With the birth of a baby is born the mother. As the child begins to develop a good try. New parents may not understand how much time the child will develop as well. Certain rules can not be done. Because the path is constantly confronted with a new situation. Some rules, however, your child will [...]

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