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Time travel possibility or fiction? Let’s get into depths!

So how many people read science fiction books time, watched a movie. In fact, it looks like technology, but they are now in the hands of an electric went into the past or the future had arrived on the web! And they just... But the real way to tell if this is your time of [...]

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Comet, could open the door to the mystery.

Comet, open secret Survey Telescope and Response System, or Pan-Stars 014 US identifies comet. Science magazine on Friday published a research article. Initially, scientists say, the comet made of rocky material. These components typically found around the world. Most comets are essentially frozen ice and other materials. The position of the cold regions of the [...]

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Learn about Zinnia science fiction

Thirty century, the situation is worse. Earth's atmosphere became so polluted that the days of the Earth is uninhabitable. At that time, people did not sense of well-being of the people will have to settle. But it at all possible during this time he sits significant discovery proves that humans biologist Rolex a lung operation [...]

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Future of Atomic Computer Processors, million times faster than current.

Today's small computers are becoming more powerful day by day. 50-year-old home computer is the same size of the cellphone in your pocket is much higher than today's computing skills. In addition to improving the efficiency of the day there was no need to reduce the size of the computer-and there stood a huge problem [...]

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